PHILADELPHIA - We Are Friends (WAF) has been a music compilation series with the clear idea of giving airtime to fresh, newly discovered talent from the deadmau5’ mau5trap label. With its 11th edition due to arrive later this year and new singles to drop from the label’s key and rising players, the mau5trap family celebrates the milestone with its first-ever branded tour starting on Fri, Jul 15, 2022, in Philadelphia, PA, at The Met.

PHILADELPHIA - Burning Spear, the legendary Jamaican roots-reggae, singer-songwriter, vocalist and musician, and one of the most influential and long-standing roots artists, will perform live at the TD Pavilion at the Mann in Philadelphia, PA, as part of a Jamaican Independence Day celebration on Saturday, August 6, presented by Live Nation, the Mann & Jamaican Dave Productions.

PHILADELPHIA - Philly has become a Mecca for men with beards. The city is one of the few cities in the country where a young man can grow a full beard. The slick tuft of hair signals that he is a man and can enhance his image and personality. Historically, the beard was a sign of social status in Philadelphia, while today, it is considered a fashion statement.

PHILADELPHIA - If you want to know who killed Jam Master Jay, watch the Netflix movie ReMastered: Who KilLEDJam MasterJay? This documentary reveals the life and times of the late hip-hop artist. It uses a variety of computer-generated re-enactments and second-hand accounts to explore the mysteries surrounding the rap artist's death. The film also allows the audience to learn about Jam Master Jay's family and music career.

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