PHILADELPHIA - If you want to know who killed Jam Master Jay, watch the Netflix movie ReMastered: Who KilLEDJam MasterJay? This documentary reveals the life and times of the late hip-hop artist. It uses a variety of computer-generated re-enactments and second-hand accounts to explore the mysteries surrounding the rap artist's death. The film also allows the audience to learn about Jam Master Jay's family and music career.


The documentary opens the door for various theories on the killer. It also highlights the strained relationship between the urban community and the police and the disturbing pattern of rap stars getting murdered. The film allows families to explore these issues further in their own lives. However, parents should be aware that while this film contains violence and strong profanity, it's still worth watching as it is an important reminder of the impact of these crimes.

ReMastered: Who Killed JamMasterJay? is a Netflix original documentary about the murder of RUN-DMC member Jam Master Jay in 2002. The rapper was only 37 years old when he was murdered, but the murder remains unsolved. His killer may have been someone close to him. As the film follows Jam Master Jay's life and career, it explores the factors surrounding his murder.

"Who Killed Jam Master Jay?" is a documentary about a hip-hop legend killed in Queens in 2002. The murder was later attributed to an associate of Mizell, although no one in the studio has come forward with any statements. The NYPD, too, declined to participate in the investigation, so the mystery remains unsolved. Hopefully, ReMastered will shed light on this case and inspire more people to take a closer look at the murder of Jam Master Jay.

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