Hasan Minhaj has landed a big hit with his Netflix comedy special "Homecoming King." While his first standup special received great reviews and a Peabody Award, his second one, "Hasan's Comedic Adventures," is set to hit theaters on March 2. The Peabody Award-winning comedian is a veteran of comedy and storytelling, and his new show is a dazzling return to his roots.

After leaving The Daily Show in late 2016, Hasan Minhaj has continued his career in comedy and politics, including a role on Arrested Development. He has also starred in numerous episodes of Getting On and Disaster Date, as well as the hidden camera show Disaster Date. In 2013, Hasan Minhaj was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People. Hasan's upcoming Netflix comedy special Patriot Act: A True American Story will be the first in the series, which will premiere in 2019.

The new Netflix comedy special Hasan Minhaj Goes into the Lions Den follows the comedian on his first solo tour in the United States. This show will take on the world's political and cultural landscapes, and it will feature the comedian's original material. It will premiere on October 28, 2019 and has already been viewed over fifteen million times. While Hasan is still relatively new in the comedy world, he is widely regarded as a stand-up comedian and political commentator.

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