In the new trailer for Frozen 2, Elsa seeks the truth behind her magical powers. Her determination to find the reason for her singularity stems from a childhood trauma. But will this be enough to keep her from becoming a monster? We'll have to wait and see. The new Frozen movie comes out on November 22. I can't wait to see it.

In the first trailer, Elsa is a ninja, a spirit who lives among the Northuldra. She makes visits to Arendelle to visit her parents, and in this new Frozen 2 trailer, she'll seek the truth behind her magic. She will learn how to use her new powers to free the frozen kingdom from curses.

A new trailer for Frozen 2 shows a young Elsa and Anna talking about the enchanted forest. In the next scene, a grown-up Anna is questioning Elsa. The grown-up Anna says that she has been hearing a voice that has been causing her powers to get out of control. A magical troll appears to tell her to find the source of her voice, and the story begins.

While the new trailer shows Elsa stumbling through the snowy landscape, the trailer also cuts to two characters in Arendelle. One of the young girls has been dubbed the Queen of Autumn, while the other wears Arendelle clothing. These two young actors could represent the King and Queen. The young boy could be the young King, and the princess could be the boy. Either way, this new trailer is promising to be a big hit.

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