Bucks County - Indigo Girls’ debut album sold over two million copies under the power of singles “Closer to Fine” and “Kid Fears” and turned the Indigo Girls into one of the most successful folk duos in history.

Over a thirty-five-year career that began in clubs around their native Atlanta, Georgia, the Grammy-winning duo has recorded sixteen studio albums (seven gold, four platinum, and one double platinum), sold over 15 million records, and built a dedicated, enduring following.

The theatre was thrilled with the Indigo Girls’ commitment to having an impact on the communities they perform in. When Kaissar explained what the last few years were like, the famous duo decided to play an exclusive concert in Bristol.

“They don’t like to book any old gig; they enjoy making a difference by playing for communities that need and appreciate them,” said Kaissar. “I explained some of the challenges that Bristol and the surrounding areas have faced in the last few years, and they wanted to come to perform for us. They chose to give us an exclusive concert over other venues in the area that wanted them. We’re very excited to present the Indigo Girls. As artists, they’re spectacular, but as human beings, they’re even more incredible.”

Thursday, August 25, 2022
Indigo Girls
Tickets $55-85

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