PHILADELPHIA - The former reality star of 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie Matto, has made $50k a week selling farts in jars. But recently, she's experienced an unexpected setback, and she was worried that she might be suffering from a heart attack. Instead, she ended up being rushed to the hospital for chest pains.

Tests revealed that the pain was actually caused by an intense case of gas. She was given a prescription for a gas suppressant, which she took, and changed her diet.

But Stephanie Matto has made a surprising amount of money off her fart-selling side business. She claimed to earn $50,000 a week from the side gig. However, she's had to retire from her booty business due to a recent health scare. Before the 90 Days, Matto appeared alongside Erika Owens on the popular TLC show. The two had a turbulent relationship but were forced to end it after she failed to come out as bisexual.

While Stephanie Matto had a successful career as a reality TV personality, she became a famous YouTuber selling farts. The video of her farts on YouTube has garnered over 6.6 million views. Her fart-selling videos have been viewed more than six million times. But it's unclear how much money she made from her fart-selling side business.

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