The Roxanne Movie - If you've ever wished you could watch Roxanne Shanté's life story, you might be curious about the new Netflix release. As a teenager, Roxanne was a young woman from Queensbridge projects on the South Side of Chicago who honed her hip-hop skills and hustled to support her family.


Watch Roxanne Shanté's Life Story on Netflix

Despite the fame, Roxanne remained a tough, spirited young woman who fought to defend herself and her family. She also had to protect herself from dangerous street life.

This biopic tells the life of Roxanne Shante, the first female hip-hop star. The film centers on Roxanne's early days as a free-styling rap prodigy in the Queensbridge projects in the 1980s. She had a ponytail, braces, and classic hoop earrings. Although she never writes lyrics, her ability to rhyme remains unmatched.

A trailblazing rapper, Roxanne Shante, was born Lolita Shante Gooden. As a teenager, she was abused by her older boyfriend and had a child by age 16. She was cheated on by managers and others. Eventually, she became a star of her own and made it to the music world's top.

The Netflix film, directed by Michael Larnell, depicts Roxanne's rocky life and career. Chante Adams stars as the rapper Roxanne Shante. Mahershala Ali, Elvis Nolasco, Kevin Phillips, and Shenell Edmonds also star.

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