he trailer for the highly anticipated "Jungle Cruise" has finally been released, and it shows two very different actors getting into a fight. The British actress plays a feisty sailor who is searching for a magical tree with healing powers. In a hilarious moment, Blunt accidentally punches Dwayne Johnson in the face! But, what really makes Blunt and Johnson so great together?

The movie, "Jungle Cruise," stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in a comedy about a river full of dangerous creatures. The film is set in the Amazonian world, and the cast also includes Paul Giamatti, Jack Whitehall, Edgar Ramirez, and Jesse Plemons. Here's the trailer.

As part of the film's climactic scene, Blunt's character accidentally punches Dwayne Johnson in the face. The comedy isn't so funny. In a comic twist, the actress is a female version of the villain. She has a German accent, but she's not the one to hit Johnson in the face.

As part of the cast, Blunt is joined by Paul Giamatti, Andy Nyman, and Quim Gutierrez. Dwayne Johnson, meanwhile, is an actor known for his roles in the Fast & Furious franchises and the Jumanji and Baywatch movies. While Dwayne Johnson's salary isn't exactly as high as Blunt's, he is a very talented actor and a top movie star.

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