After two disappointing sequels, Disney is ready to move on to the next phase of its Star Wars franchise with the announcement of 10 new television shows, including a live-action version of the original trilogy. Meanwhile, Taika Waititi has signed on to write a new Star Wars feature due for release in 2024, while Patty Jenkins is set to direct the highly anticipated Rogue Squadron.

While the news that Rian Johnson is still in talks to make new Star War movies is somewhat surprising, Disney is making no secret of the fact that the director has other projects in the works.

There are several new Star Wars projects on the horizon, including two new series on Disney+ and a film directed by Patty Jenkins. But for now, the focus is on Johnson's trilogy. While he is working on the next film in the "Star Wars" series, he is also focusing his efforts on a second film, which will be his third movie. The next installment in the series will focus on a new area in the franchise's timeline.

The director of the eighth Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, has said that he is in talks to direct a new trilogy. While there's no timetable, this doesn't mean that he's not interested in returning to the galaxy. While no official word has been released, a recent Twitter post from Rian Johnson teases the project as well as other potential movies.

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