Lewis Capaldi is literally a man on fire in his emotional new video for 'Bruises.' The song, from his debut album, was released this past January and has already received millions of streams on Spotify. In his 'Bruises' video, the talented musician shows off his emotive voice and tells us about the emotions he felt after his last breakup. In the video, the young star tears up as he narrates the story of his relationship.

The video's visuals are breathtaking, showcasing the 'Bruises' lyrics in a powerful and emotional way. It starts with a black and white montage of Capaldi and his ex-girlfriend in their heyday, and then cuts to a molotov cocktail-fueled riot. As the two sides fight it out, the scene is incredibly heartbreaking.

The 'Bruises' video features an emotionally charged performance by Lewis Capaldi. The video opens with a black and white montage of Capaldi and his ex-girlfriend's glory days. The video then shows the climactic aftermath of their relationship. As if that weren't enough, the 'Bruises' music video ends with the ex-lovers squaring off in the ashes.

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