As the name suggests, Another Life is a disaster-a-minute sci-fi show that follows an astronaut's journey to an alien world. The premise is that Neko and her crew are searching for an alien intelligence and the genesis of an alien artifact. The journey is fraught with danger and may be their last, and the crew soon finds themselves in a dangerous situation. While the series was a hit at San Diego Comic Con, Netflix did not release any major press for the series.

Another Life takes itself a little too seriously and makes it hard to take a step back and question whether or not it's actually science fiction. While it's enjoyable, it could have spent more time establishing the chemistry between the three characters and their relationship. The show's main character, Salvare, is very annoying, and it makes it difficult to care about her.

A fun disaster-a-minute sci-fil series, Another Life is a good watch if you're looking for a fun new sci-fi show to binge-watch. Set in the not too distant future, the series features an alien ship that crashes to Earth, turning it into a glittery formation. The story is mostly populated with space-adventure cliches and is not particularly interesting.

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